Roses Or Flowers Rose Is A Very Beautiful Flowers And Fragrant
Roses or flowers Rose is a very beautiful flowers and fragrant if you all already know that roses have excellent efficacy for our health? Roses usually when in Indonesian society like the offerings made or also as an ornamental plant because many are very fond of the scent of roses.Health and Medical for my friend who still do not know what are the benefits of these roses I will describe a little let you all are not curious and more passion for maintaining a healthy body.Benefits and Health Benefits of Roses Make:
1. Prevent skin wrinkles.Polyphenol content in the Rose moisturises the skin, as the serum, and body oils that could ultimately prevent wrinkles.
2. Increase collagen.

The content of vitamin C can increase collagen in roses.
3. Cure the disease.Such as cough, insect bites, swelling in the body, measles attack, launched a menstrual cycle, bruising, menstrual pain, cramping calf, down to the uterus.4. Maintaining healthy hair.

The content of the roses can help address Hair damage and ward off a variety of hair problems so the hair can stay healthy.
5. Reduce stress.Fragrant aroma and substances contained in the rose can reduce stress. Even the treatment has been carried out by the ancient Romans and the ancient Greeks, the rose became reliever of anxiety and depression medication.
6. Maintain healthCan nourish the body organs such as eyes and teeth cleaning.
7. Reduce headache.

With substances that soothe and provide a therapeutic effect. Beautiful roses can reduce headache attacks.
8. Digestive problems.This treatment has been popularly used by ancient Indian society. Roses are considered capable of digestive problems and maintain the body's metabolism.
9. Beautify the skin.Fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 may be useful to repair damaged skin.
10. Skin healing.If exposed to the effects of redness due to enlarged capillaries, irritation, or burns, roses can cure.
Now that some of the properties and benefits of the rose, I hope the above article can be useful for you all.

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