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Compare The Major California Health Insurance Carriers

Five important Criteria wont to compare California carriers.

1. Health arrange evaluation within the market. Ultimately, edges got to be priced well relative to alternative similar plans on the market. Also, the plans got to add up financially in today's world of ever-increasing value. Some massive multi-line carriers like Principle supply very made edges that have utterly priced themselves out of the market. there is a "sweet spot" wherever arrange style meets the consumer's budget which has got to be a given once selecting an inspiration. strangely enough, this evaluation price is driven by a carriers ability to try to to well within the following alternative areas therefore let's take a glance at them. additional info on the foremost carriers within the California market.

2. Intensive supplier network for HMO and PPO. A carrier has to have as several doctors and hospital all told major areas participate in their HMO and PPO networks. The additional the higher. this is often very true for PPO plans that is that the direction the market is ultimately heading as prices intensify. this is often be} primarily a perform of what percentage subscribers the carrier can arouse the talks table with medical and hospital teams. If a carrier covers a big range of individuals during a given space, the doctors and hospitals of that space got to contract with the carrier. Also, the carrier will discuss rates higher that is actually the muse for PPO plans. PPO's square measure huge cluster discounts basically. Here, larger is best. you'll realize additional info on however the California health networks work.

3. Flexibility and Scope of arrange style. The carrier should additionally supply a full vary of arrange options: each made and price HMO options; a full vary of PPO plans from made copay plans to hybrid lower priced plans; Health bank account or HSA compatible plans and strictly ruinous lower-priced plans. No one's wants square measure an equivalent. The carrier ought to be ready to give for either side of the spectrum. A key direction within the market these days is towards the segmentation of maternity and non-maternity profit plans on the Individual/Family market. this is often a important thought or any person World Health Organization may have maternity coverage within the future. Health internet presently solely has one arrange with maternity edges in their PPO portfolio. On the cluster aspect, it's been additional a move towards higher deductibles and in some instances, drug coverage solely. The Generic solely profit is additional and additional prevailing on the Individual/Family aspect. we tend to feel powerfully at http://CalHealth.netthat name prescription is very important as additional exotic medical conditions will need new medicine that run 10's of thousands of bucks.

4. Easy Use. a new time... easy USE. The carrier has got to be straightforward to wear down. this is often important for the regular management of your policy (which we tend to facilitate with) and additional significantly, the claims-processing aspect. Technology is progressively computation here. that carriers have created the investment within the info systems to facilitate each the membership and claims aspect. we tend to wear down all the carriers day-in and day-out... sense and usefulness square measure essential within the carrier you select.

5. Evaluation Stability. Over the past decade, California insurance prices have inflated considerably. ejection major changes, it'll probably continue as Americans use additional and additional health care. the power to mitigate this increase is primarily a perform of a carrier's management of the higher than four things. square measure they planning and evaluation properly for the market to encourage future rate stability? will they discuss well with the medical teams and enormous hospital chains within the California health market? Do they provide choices for carriers to scale back edges (and cost) and still feel well protected? Have they invested with in creating their business effective from and IT perspective? These square measure all vital queries that directly your future rates and results as a perform of the health carrier's management.

California insurance Carrier by Carrier listing in dropping order supported our expertise

Blue Cross of California

Blue Cross is closely-held by tube, that is maybe the dominant carrier nationwide in terms of stability and progressive arrange style. they're referred to as Anthem Blue Cross Blue protect or Unicare in most alternative States. they need been those to hammer in the California health market.

1. arrange evaluation - they're systematically priced within the prime 1-2 for comparable plans.

2. Network - For PPO plans, they in all probability the foremost intensive network with suppliers all told counties. Over 70K suppliers and four hundred hospitals State-wide and access to the Blue Card network for members of the family or staff in alternative States.

3. Flexibility - On the tiny cluster aspect, they started the worker Elect program that remains the foremost versatile and best to use. They even apply option to the dental plans yet. they need four HMO plans, five HSA plans, and twelve PPO plans and a set known as profit for low value plans. On the individual aspect, they systematically bring out new arranges from the correct arrange forty no-deductible PPO conceive to the new Tonik health plan suite that the opposite carriers invariably attempt to copy 6-12 months later.

4. Easy Use - they're best carrier to try to to business with. they have a tendency to be the foremost versatile once coping with problems and also the problems tend to be less frequent than with alternative carriers. they're earlier than the curve (and have been) with technology each in terms of their internal processes and interaction with teams. New on-line management panels permit worker additions, terminations, changes and additional on the cluster aspect. they'll be strict in underwriting (company requirements) and profit management is unquestionably there however each of those attributes work ultimately to stay value down that is that the biggest issue (hence #1) within the market currently. They the primary to unveil {an on-line|a web|an internet} application and online account management and visibility. Tonik enrollment is totally handled on-line.

5. Evaluation Stability - Their will increase as a proportion tend to be within the lower quadrant of the market...primarily thanks to their work on the higher than four things.

Blue protect of California

Blue protect of California a powerful carrier in California and additionally participates within the Blue Card network for out-of-State staff and members of the family. it's one amongst the few non-profits. Cross and protect square measure 2 separate, utterly freelance carriers at the tiny cluster (2-50 employees) and Individual/Family level. If PPO is your most well-liked choice, they're a decent comparison for Cross and Health internet.

1. arrange evaluation - they're systematically priced within the prime 1-3 for comparable plans.

2. Network - For PPO plans, they in all probability rival Blue Cross with suppliers all told counties. They in all probability don't discuss yet as Blue Cross however could have a stronger reception from doctors/hospitals due to it. This additionally affects their evaluation going forward. they are doing permit access to the Blue Card network for workers or dependents in alternative States. Their HMO is similar to Cross however neither is assumed to be the strongest carrier for HMO plans.

3. Flexibility - they permit alternatives from the various categories of plans (HMO, PPO, and HSA). they need a full vary of plans with one amongst the last no-deductible PPO tiny cluster plans on the market. they need seven HMO plans, four HSA plans, and thirteen PPO plans on the tiny cluster aspect and constant suite of plans on the individual aspect.

4. Easy Use - Their cluster underwriting is slightly additional versatile than Cross however their claims and membership aspect isn't as advanced...especially in terms of technology. Our sources say that they're endeavor a reasonably important IT project to integrate their systems and are operating to bring tiny cluster resources to the online (behind Cross). On the individual aspect, they need {an on-line|a web|an internet} application and online chase however their underwiting tends to be additional concerned.

5. Evaluation Stability - Their will increase as a proportion tend to be within the lower to middle quadrant of the market looking on the category of arrange (HSA versus PPO for example). they'll got to continue modernizing so as to stay this trend going forward.

Health internet of California

Health internet of California was originally Blue Cross' HMO a few years past. historically, they were a powerful HMO carrier however they need sharply enraptured into the PPO market because the way forward for HMO's and its value structure dim. they have a tendency to repeat Cross' moves within the market therefore a minimum of they're good enough to the follow the leader. If a company's main focus is HMO and that they don't have staff out of State, Health internet is unquestionably to be thought-about. On the individual/family aspect, they're a solid carrier however want additional of a PPO record.

1. Arrange evaluation - Health internet tends to repeat Cross' offerings and so under-price the market. within the short-run, this is often fine for your company. Long term, the rates continuously increase and/or amendment. the sole issue is that if the rise happens mid-year and staff have already met deductibles/max-out-of-pockets...making a carrier amendment troublesome. this is often true on the Individual/Family aspect and little cluster.

2. Internetwork - Health Net features a robust HMO network as that has been their bread and butter long before the PPO came on for them. The PPO network ought to be pictured throughout the State though it's vary in all probability doesn't match Cross or Shields, whose expertise within the PPO market goes back decades.

3. Flexibility - Health internet derived Cross beneficially in this they derived the character of worker Elect wherever you'll supply multiple plans to their staff. they need a full vary of plans with sixteen HMO's, 4 HSA's, and eight PPO's. you'll see their HMO background from the arrange choices. On the individual aspect, they solely have one maternity PPO arrange however supply a wider vary of HMO plans. Their HSA's square measure comparable however in all probability under-priced.

4. Easy Use - Health internet tends to be pretty cheap each in terms of enrollment (underwriting) and membership. they're behind Cross and protect in terms of on-line capabilities and systems. On the individual aspect, they have a tendency inclination} to be additional strict with underwriting and if an applicant's health isn't clean, they need declined a high proportion of apps. Cross and protect seem to be additional pragmatic in terms of really viewing a human health history and creating a call.

5. Evaluation Stability - evaluation stability has been a weaker space for Health internet particularly on the PPO front. For HMO, they need a decent grasp of the market and also the model. PPO has been slightly additional elusive with additional requent and important changes with their plans. this is often to be expected as PPO needs a decent 5-7 years of claims expertise to really wrap your head round the model actuarially speaking.

We have listed Blue Cross of California, Blue protect of California, and Health internet of California on an individual basis as they extremely square measure the strongest California insurance carriers that supply each PPO and HMO choices. Kaiser may be a major carrier however primarily acts as Associate in Nursing HMO. There square measure several alternative choices on the market, however from our expertise, they typically aren't suggested against one amongst the higher than mentioned four.

Can You Afford Not To Have Health Insurance

Many people suppose the simplest thanks to get insurance coverage is just to urge the foremost complete coverage one will afford. This is, to some extent true, and if you have got lots of liquid resources it's an honest plan to urge a comprehensive individual insurance set up that has everything from atiny low deductible for hospital visits to full dental and vision coverage. However, if you're on a awfully tight budget, you'll wish to contemplate obtaining a smaller set up than you'll afford and paying for a few of your medical

If ar|you're juggling many completely different prescriptions that are expensive to fill and refill, or that need frequent check ups together with your doctor to form positive that you just have the correct dose, it's vital to urge a full health set up. However, if you're searching for ways that to economize on your health prices, it's going to be to not get such a comprehensive set up. If you don’t have any dependents and don’t got to build regular hospital visits for any reason, think about whether or not you actually want a full insurance set up that provides you complete coverage. Paying quite you wish for insurance may be an important monetary burden, therefore it's price thinking creatively and realistically regarding what you actually want and if it's doable to urge the care you need while not administering an oversized monthly payment to a insurance supplier.

Many people realize that through a mixture of free clinics and lowest Insurance Coverage, they're able to get by disbursement abundant less cash than they might obtain comprehensive insurance. it's still a wise plan to own coverage which will facilitate alleviate the monetary burden if you suddenly develop a condition or meet with associate injury that needs emergency care. However, it's an honest plan to appear into what types of plans square measure offered, mutually of the various plans designed specifically to allow you emergency coverage could also be a way better option than a thought which will leave you usually well insured.

Read More: Finding Health Insurance Plan In Florida.

It is ne'er an honest plan to gamble together with your health care, therefore make certain that you just if don’t select the utmost quantity of insurance that you just will afford, that you just have a thought for the way to satisfy any medical expenses that will arise. place confidence in different ways in which you'll designate cash for your health care wants, like beginning a bank account wherever you store away the cash you'd be paying for insurance monthly. this may assist you make certain that you just square measure ready for all the world. Don’t forgo coverage entirely although. At the terribly least purchase a high deductible set up which will cowl you within the case of a heavy unwellness or injury. Otherwise one serious unwellness or injury might wipe you out financially.
expenses out of pocket.

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Health Insurance In Lose Claim

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We all perceive the importance of health insurance; but, because the varieties of insurance still increase it's changing into additional and tougher to pick the kind of coverage that's best for you and your family. to assist you discover out which sort of policy may profit you the foremost, let’s take a glance at the foremost common varieties of policies.

There is sometimes lots of hoopla concerning HMOs therefore let’s verify that one 1st. A health maintenance organization may be a health maintenance organization set up that works with a nominal cluster of doctors and hospitals inside the network. A primary aid medical practitioner is chosen and you want to acquire referrals for care that can't be provided by that medical practitioner. the advantages of this sort of set up square measure lower workplace visit prices and ethical drug co-pays. additionally, there'll generally be either no or restricted deductible prices for hospital stays. counting on your coverage, there may additionally  be no pre-existing condition cause limitations. it's additionally necessary to know that your alternative of doctors and hospitals are going to be restricted with a health maintenance organization and you won’t be able to have out of network services lined.

A PPO or most well-liked supplier Organization works kind of like a HMO; but, the foremost distinction is that you just don't seem to be needed to pick a medical care medical practitioner. additionally to the good thing about being liberated to select your own medical practitioner without concern a few referral you furthermore may gain the good thing about restricted or no deductible prices for hospital stays additionally as a attainable larger choice of physicians which may be on the market with a health maintenance organization. Out of network services may additionally  be covered; but, for a better charge than in network services.

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A POS, or purpose of Service, is additionally kind of like a health maintenance organization therein you choose a medical care medical practitioner. The distinction is that you just square measure liberated to select out of network treatment if you’re willing to pay a better out of pocket price.
Another option is what's called a conventional coverage policy. this sort of policy can have a better monthly premium additionally as deductibles. additionally, you may usually be needed to get services out of your own pocket up front and so submit claim compensation forms.

You may additionally would like to think about varied varieties of incapacity plans, that cowl a proportion of your financial gain within the event that you just expertise AN malady or accident that stops you from operating for a amount of your time. a brief term incapacity set up can offer advantages from the primary day of AN accident or the eighth day of AN malady up to twenty six weeks. Generally, this sort of set up can cowl sixty six of your weekly financial gain.

Long term incapacity can begin once short term coverage has expired  and can offer coverage for a variable term, counting on the policy you choose. Some policies square measure restricted to providing cowlage up to 2 years whereas others can cover you up to the age of sixty five.

Health Insurance In Plan Florida

Some methods on finding reasonable Insurance in American state.
I've been a insurance agent since 1985. I facilitate Connecticut residents realize insurance and have for the last many years have additionally managed a web site that helps individuals in alternative states as well as American state realize insurance. you'll realize a insurance broker in American state by requesting quotes through my website.

Health Insurance Plans of American state -- Tips to assist you choose the correct Policy

Choosing the simplest insurance arrange involves the following:

Finding a policy with or while not employing a insurance broker in American state WHO can give you very cheap value (but solely with relation to the opposite 2 criteria)

Finding one among the insurance plans of American state that includes a network that meets your desires

Finding the American state insurance arrange with coverage that meets your desires

Choosing the correct medical insurance involves finding the simplest rate quote amongst the American state insurance plans that meet your desires on network and coverage. selecting very cheap worth is after all terribly straightforward. crucial whether or not the insurance plan's network of doctors meets your desires is barely to a small degree tougher. selecting a insurance policy that covers you well are often advanced. you will wish to enlist the help of a accredited insurance broker in American state.  Most of this text focuses on the fundamentals of crucial however well a policy covers you.
In a good world, everybody would browse and perceive their insurance policies. However, I notice that a lot of individuals can realize a insurance broker in American state that they feel snug with and can wish his or her recommendations. However, whether or not you employ a broker or not, I powerfully advocate that you just contact the American state workplace of Insurance Regulation in Tallahassee, FL (850) 413-3140 and confirm that any insurance arrange is approved by them. Insurance Departments cannot make sure that you get the simplest policy for your individual desires, however they are doing their best to form certain that every insurance arrange and every insurance broker meets bound minimum standards. make certain to figure with corporations and brokers that area unit in smart standing.

Choosing the American state insurance arrange with the correct Network

Health Insurance carriers sometimes have websites that may list the MDs and medical facilities that settle for their plans. All that i am alert to can have a written list that they'll mail to you. the correct arrange can have your medical practitioner on their list or a minimum of physicians WHO area unit placed a convenient distance from your home. If you travel it's necessary to search out an inspiration that covers you well in alternative geographic areas additionally.

Choosing the American state insurance arrange with the simplest coverage for you

Health insurance policies is also the foremost advanced of the insurance contracts offered to people and families. Understanding however your medical arrange can pay for your medical bills are often troublesome. fortuitously most of the brochures and descriptions of coverage that you just might receive from a insurance supplier can have an identical structure. they'll have sections like the following:

What is Covered?

Health arrange Exclusions and Limitations

What is Covered?

This section can detail what medical procedures your insurance policy can cowl. The policy ought to have a phrase like "reasonable and customary" or "usual, cheap and customary" or one thing similar once describing what proportion they'll cowl.  

Watch out for insurance policies with:

 financial limits for every procedure

A long list of procedures that the medical insurance can cowl

Better insurance policies won't list dollar amounts for every procedure. {they can|they're going to|they'll} pay employing a formula that's supported what alternative physicians and hospitals will charge you within the same geographical region. A phrase like "usual and customary" indicates that they use such a formula. the price of medical aid rises therefore quickly that a dollar quantity that looks spectacular nowadays might not totally reimburse you even a year from currently.

Solid insurance policies won't have an extended list of procedures that they'll cowl listed on the policy. The long list looks spectacular as a result of the list takes up plenty of house. verify the statements below. It ought to be straightforward to settle on between one and 2.

"Our insurance arrange can cowl you for everything aside from expenses caused by self-inflicted injuries and habit." ("I've been to each town in American state except urban center.")
"Our insurance policy can cowl your nose, your ears, your toes, your hands, your right respiratory organ, your calf and your knee" ("I've been to urban center, Miami, port of entry, metropolis and Miami Beach")
Health arrange Exclusions and Limitations

This section can tell you what's excluded. generally cosmetic surgery won't be coated. additionally experimental procedures and expenses caused by self-inflicted injuries won't be coated. you must perceive every of those limitations before you decide to a policy. Most policies won't embrace maternity insurance, therefore if you wish to induce pregnant, confirm that you just shrewdness your policy can cowl maternity expenses. sadly, maternity insurance isn't out there in many countries except as a part of a gaggle insurance arrange.

To summarize:

Determine what insurance plans can cowl you in your space

Determine that insurance plans provide adequate coverage

Choose the plans that gives the simplest worth supported worth and coverage

The insurance choices urban center residents have area unit like the insurance choices Miami residents have, since the plans can add similar ways in which throughout the state.  

Temukan Asuransi Kesehatan Dengan Biaya Terjangkau dan Relatif Murah

Cara terbaik untuk menemukan asuransi kesehatan dengan biaya rendah dan relatif murah adalah dengan  memiliki rencana asuransi kesehatan kelompok yang di sponsor majikan. Rencana asuransi kesehatan kelompok adalah rencana asuransi kesehatan dengan biaya rendah dan relatif murah, selain dari rencana asuransi kesehatan yang di sponsor negara. Jika Anda bisa mendapatkan rencana asuransi kesehatan kelompok dari atasan Anda, Anda akan membayar lebih sedikit untuk asuransi kesehatan daripada jika Anda membeli paket asuransi kesehatan kelompok sendiri.

Sebagian besar majikan memiliki persyaratan tertentu yang harus dipenuhi oleh karyawan sebelum dia dapat menjadi bagian dari rencana asuransi kesehatan kelompok yang di sponsor majikan. Persyaratan ini berkisar dari jumlah jam kerja karyawan, terhadap status karyawan, yaitu apakah karyawan tersebut bekerja penuh waktu atau paruh waktu. Majikan terkadang memiliki persyaratan waktu juga. Ini berarti karyawan harus bersama perusahaan untuk jangka waktu tertentu sebelum dia dianggap memenuhi syarat untuk rencana asuransi kesehatan kelompok yang di sponsor majikan.

Rencana asuransi kesehatan kelompok yang di sponsor oleh majikan biasanya merupakan rencana asuransi kesehatan dengan biaya rendah dan relatif murah karena berbagai alasan. Jika Anda memiliki rencana asuransi kesehatan kelompok yang di sponsor majikan, premi asuransi kesehatan terbagi antara Anda dan atasan Anda, atau dibayar sepenuhnya oleh atasan Anda. Ini berarti satu dari dua hal:

• Anda hanya diharuskan membayar setengah dari premi asuransi kesehatan ditambah biaya pembayaran yang rendah.

• Anda hanya diharuskan membayar uang saku yang relatif murah.

Rencana asuransi kesehatan kelompok yang di sponsor pengusaha menjadi lebih relatif murah dan murah bila Anda memperhitungkan pasangan dan anak Anda. Daripada membeli polis asuransi kesehatan individual untuk setiap anggota keluarga Anda, atau membayar biaya perawatan kesehatan, Anda dapat menambahkan pasangan dan anak Anda ke rencana asuransi kesehatan kelompok yang di sponsor majikan Anda.

Cari tahu apakah atasan Anda menawarkan rencana asuransi kesehatan kelompok, dan tanyakan bagaimana Anda dapat mendaftarkan diri dalam rencana asuransi kesehatan dengan biaya rendah dan relatif murah saat ini.

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Green Tea In Mega-T Tea Leaf Diet Has Different Edges Apart From Weight Loss

http://www.rismasalsabila.comCould be a saying|I have detected it said} that associate degree on a daily basis keeps the doctor away. Well, we are saying a Mega-T tea leaf Diet arrange caplet on a daily basis retains the doctor away... consistently!

Mega-T tea leaf Diet is that the hottest weight loss product going to the market. a novel mix of tea
leaf and different ingredients, Mega-T tea leaf Diet is one product which will promote mega weight loss.

Mega-T tea leaf Diet includes a high quantity of tea leaf remove so as to curb your craving yet as, increase your metabolic rates. Green tea supplement in Mega-T tea leaf Diet contains chemicals that have an effect on however the secretion vasoconstrictive acts.

The key to dominant the craving is by handling the discharge with this junk initial. And with Mega-T tea leaf Diet, that should be a tough activity. Mega-T tea leaf Diet is an organic once it involves suppressing the urge for food.

Aside from being associate degree appetite-suppressant, the tea leaf in Mega-T tea leaf Diet additionally helps promote thermogenesis within the body. Thermogenesis is that the method whereby calories from fat are regenerate into temperature energy for the body to use. Mega-T tea leaf Diet contains polyphenols will be|that happen to be} antioxidants that act with {the different person} to stimulate thermogenesis. On this factor, Mega-T tea leaf Diet arrange will increase your body's metabolic rates serving to you burn up fats quicker. a lot of excess fat burned means that a lot of weight lost!

Green tea in Mega-T tea leaf Diet has different edges apart from weight loss. Studies have shown that tea leaf in Mega-T tea leaf Diet will disembarrass of|treat} cancer, arthritis, ulcers, and different diseases. The vitamin antioxidants in Mega-T tea leaf Diet arrange additionally help lessen the lipid disorders levels of the body, thereby maintaining the fragile balance between low-density lipoprotein and lipoprotein cholesterols. during this regard, Mega-T tea leaf Diet arrange additionally helps decrease the chance of strokes and heart attacks among it is users.

Mega-T tea leaf Diet arrange additionally contains metal. Chrome in Mega-T tea leaf Diet arrange helps stop fat safe-keeping. This ingredient of Mega-T tea leaf Diet additionally boosts your metabolic rates by increasing the speed when fat is burned. Subsequently, with Mega-T tea leaf Diet arrange, you're sure some mega fat-burning!

One more ingredient of Mega-T tea leaf Diet is Garcinia hanburyi. This herb found Mega-T tea leaf Diet will assist you overcome food craving and hunger pangs. Garcinia hanburyi in Mega-T tea leaf Diet arrange, like tea leaf, acts as a natural appetite-suppressant. during this means, Mega-T tea leaf Diet offers you the right technique to avoid going overboard along with your uptake program. Remember, the lesser calories you're taking, the lesser calories you store!

Mega-T tea leaf Diet arrange contains  quantity of caffein to produce you with enough energy really get you|to assist you get} through the day. Nevertheless if which is not enough,  you are doing exercises, Mega-T tea leaf Diet additionally contains Guarana and Siberina Ginseng. sorts of|These sorts of} 2 herbs in Mega-T tea leaf Diet area unit famed energy-boosters. thus if you wish energy for your physical exertion sessions, then Mega-T tea leaf Diet arrange is true for you! Mega-T tea leaf Diet can give you with all the that you simply want so as to realize a healthier, slimmer you!

Kesehatan Yang Wajib Wanita Tau

Kesehatan Yang Wajib Wanita TauSeperti kebanyakan  dengan pria, kesehatan wanita begitu rentan dengan berbagai penyakit. Namun, ada beberapa penyakit umum yang biasanya perlu di waspadai kaum hawa. Apa sajakah itu?

Berurusan dengan masalah kesehatan memang perlu diprioritaskan, terutama wanita yang memiliki ancaman gangguan kesehatan lebih kompleks. Untuk itu, mengetahui ancaman penyakit yang rentan menyerang menjadi solusinya. Berikut ini lima masalah kesehatan yang biasanya menyerang wanita, seperti dilansir Sheknows.

Penyakit hati
Penyakit hati bertanggung jawab atas sekira 29 persen kematian pada wanita (menurut Pusat Pengendalian dan Pencegahan Penyakit Amerika Serikat). Angkanya cukup tinggi, terutama karena tanda dan gejala penyakit salah di diagnosis pada pasien wanita (penelitian mulai menunjukkan bahwa gejala penyakit hati pada wanita berbeda dari pria). Penyakit hati biasanya disebabkan karena obesitas, stres, diabetes, tekanan darah tinggi, dan kolesterol tinggi. Jika tidak diobati, penyakit ini dapat menyebabkan serangan jantung dan stroke.

Kanker Payudara
Bertanggung jawab terhadap 1 persen kematian pada wanita di seluruh dunia. Kanker payudara menjadi masalah serius yang memengaruhi setiap kesehatan wanita. Penelitian terbaru menunjukkan bahwa sementara dokter semakin baik dalam mengobati penyakit ini, jumlah wanita yang terserang penyakit ini juga meningkat. Sebagian besar kanker payudara disebabkan faktor gaya hidup. Sekarang ini banyak wanita yang menunda menikah, menunda memiliki anak, bahkan tidak mau punya anak, kelebihan berat badan, dan stres.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Memengaruhi 10 persen usia reproduksi wanita. Kondisi ini menyebabkan terbentuknya kista kecil pada ovarium selama ovulasi. Kista ini dapat mengganggu, menyebabkan nyeri, infeksi, merusak rahim, dan kesuburan wanita. Wanita dengan PCOS juga lebih rentan terhadap kenaikan berat badan, haid menjadi tidak normal, jerawat, dan pertumbuhan rambut berlebih.

Osteoporosis mengancam pria dan wanita, namun lebih banyak mengancam kesehatan wanita. Osteoporis memengaruhi kekuatan dan kelenturan tulang, dapat menyebabkan fraktur dan patah tulang di kemudian hari. Penyakit ini disebabkan oleh usia, ras (Kaukasia dan Asia memiliki risiko tertinggi terkana penyakit ini), konsumsi makanan yang rendah kalsium atau vitamin D, merokok, dan mengonsumsi alkohol yang berlebihan. Namun osteoporosis dapat dicegah.

Penyakit ini memengaruhi sekira 50 persen lebih wanita daripada pria. Depresi terutama terjadi akibat perubahan hormonal (misalnya, depresi postpartum yang berkembang pasca-kehamilan) atau faktor gaya hidup (merasa terpisah dari orang yang dicintai, riwayat penyakit keluarga, atau penyalahgunaan zat). Depresi juga dapat dipicu oleh hidup yang penuh stres, dilecehkan ketika kecil, atau diabaikan.